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What Is Bad Faith Insurance?

If you’re involved in an insurance dispute, you may have heard the term bad faith insurance, also known as breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing. What does it mean?

In Texas, insurance companies must comply with the duty of good faith and fair dealing. By law, the insurance company must comply with this duty on each and every insurance claim. Essentially, they’re obligated to fulfill their end of contracts with policyholders. When an insurance company fails to do so and delays, denies or underpays a valid claim, the breach of contract could also be bad faith claims handling. A lawsuit can be filed to remedy the situation.

We Sue Insurance Companies in the Battle Against Bad Faith Insurance Practices

At Pennebaker Law Firm, we bring more than 20 years’ experience to bad faith insurance lawsuits. We’re fully prepared to file suit against a homeowner’s insurance or business insurance company to force it to pay a valid property damage claim. Frequently, we file bad faith insurance lawsuits because of underpaid or denied:

Why You Need a Lawyer in a Bad Faith Insurance Case

If insurance companies did what they’re supposed to do and paid homeowners and business owners who filed valid claims, lawyers wouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny or underpay claims for the sake of the company’s bottom line. The methods they use are often complex. They hide behind layers and layers of small print, often so convincingly that policyholders walk away with thousands of dollars less than they’re entitled to. We understand the small print. We know how to make your policy work for you.

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