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Has your home or small business been damaged in a devastating hailstorm such as the one that struck the McAllen, Hidalgo County area on March 29, 2012? During that storm, a slow-moving storm pummeled homes and businesses with baseball-sized hail and record amounts of rain. Photographs reveal that some residential and commercial roofs were literally disintegrated by the wind-driven hail.

Despite how well this storm was documented, the insurance companies involved were likely to deny or underpay the resulting claims. At Pennebaker Law Firm, our experience has been that some adjusters seem to forget that they should look for ways to help their loyal customers, rather than looking for ways to deny or lowball the claim.

We’ve recovered over $25 million for homeowners and small businesses from the Hidalgo County 2012 hailstorms to date.

Our San Antonio hail damage attorneys fight for fairness on behalf of policyholders whose claims for hailstorm and other damage in South Texas have been unfairly denied.

McAllen, Texas, Attorney Obtaining Payment for Your Roof Damage Insurance Claim

At Pennebaker Law, we’re familiar with common excuses given by unscrupulous insurers in denying good faith insurance claims for storm damage:

  • The storm damage is the result of wear, tear and deterioration.
  • The water damage to your home is the result of wind-driven rain.
  • I was unable to find that any wind or hail created openings in the roof.
  • The estimate of damages is below your deductible.
  • Your contractor’s estimate seems excessive and/or it’s not a line-item estimate.

If this sounds all too familiar, you need an denial of insurance attorney who specializes in handling bad faith insurance claims.

If your insurance company has delayed or underpaid your claim, or otherwise treated you unfairly or with disrespect, we can help you recover the full measure of damages. You don’t have to just “make do” as some insurance adjusters seem to suggest. On the contrary, you are entitled to enough money to rebuild your property exactly as it was before the disaster occurred.

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