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Protecting What You’ve Built

Like most small-business owners, you’ve worked hard to build your business. You purchased business insurance to protect your hard work. If you’ve needed to use that protection, you may have found the insurance company not nearly as devoted to your business as you are. If your insurer has denied or underpaid your claim, you DO NOT have to accept it. Pennebaker Law is headed by an experienced property damage attorney, Douglass E. Pennebaker, who specializes in denial of insurance cases. He’ll help you fight for fairness—and win it.


We represent small businesses in property damage cases, many of them involving wind and hail damage claims. For businesses, the definition of property can mean much more than the building that houses the business. It can also mean inventory and important documents. It can refer to lost income and business interruption claims. We represent small businesses with property damage claims, as well as small, home-based businesses with business insurance connected to their homeowner’s insurance.

What Does Your Business Insurance Policy Cover?

Insurance coverage is available for all potential risks a business could encounter. Do you know what claims your business insurance policy covers? Most business owners don’t, a fact insurance companies take advantage of. The insurance company may deny or lowball your property damage claim, hoping you’ll just go away! Many small-business owners do exactly that, forfeiting thousands of dollars they were entitled to. WE WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

Our founder, Douglas E. Pennebaker, is a former insurance defense lawyer who has handled more than 1,000 bad faith insurance lawsuits. We know how property insurance companies operate. We know how to analyze and interpret business insurance policies. We know how to beat insurance companies at their own game. In many cases, we find coverages policyholders had no idea they held—coverages insurance companies hoped would be overlooked. We’ll make certain you get every penny you’re entitled to under the terms of your business insurance policy.

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