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Insurance Companies Regularly Deny Valid Claims

You know your property damage claim is valid. Don’t let your insurance company convince you otherwise. Insurance companies regularly deny valid claims—it’s how they thrive. The dedicated property damage attorneys at Pennebaker Law, South Texas, are committed to overcoming denied claims and to seeing you paid promptly and fully.

We handle homeowner’s insurance disputes and business insurance disputes, typically involving denial of insurance property damage claims related to wind, hail, hurricane, tornado, fire, smoke or water damage.


Did the Insurance Company Conduct an Outcome Oriented Investigation?

Our founder, Douglas E. Pennebaker, is a former insurance defense lawyer. This fact provides Pennebaker Law with an insider’s perspective into how insurance companies operate. We know, for example, that insurance companies conduct outcome-oriented investigations. These “investigations” are designed to gather information to support the insurance company’s preferred outcome: Denial of your claim.

We’re deeply experienced in gathering the necessary information to fill in the gaps of biased, outcome-oriented investigations. This information will prove that you’re entitled to compensation under your homeowner’s insurance or business insurance policy. If necessary, we’ll bring in experts to support your claim. When the insurance company still refuses to play fair, we’ll keep fighting for fairness on your behalf—and we’ll win it. We’re not afraid to take on these big businesses.

You Have Been the Victim of Bad Faith Insurance Practices

The insurance company’s breach of the policyholder contract is referred to as bad faith insurance. In addition to constituting a breach of contract, the insurance company’s denial may also be a violation of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. There may have been an insurance agent error or insurance agent negligence. We’ll file suit against the insurance company on your behalf, working to do what’s right for you.

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