Fire and Smoke Damage Claims

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Problem: Your home was, unfortunately, caught in the path of a Texas wildfire. Lightning struck your business, causing a power surge that destroyed critical equipment and starting a fire that damaged inventory. A fire broke out in your kitchen, leading to a significant amount of smoke damage. You filed a property insurance claim that the insurance company denied or underpaid.

Solution: The Pennebaker Law Firm. We are property damage lawyers who handle homeowners insurance disputes and business insurance disputes every day. We fight for fairness against insurance companies that break their promises to South Texas policyholders.


Why Was Your Fire- or Smoke-Based Property Damage Claim Denied or Underpaid?

When policyholders contact us to review their case with a property damage lawyer, they’re frequently baffled about why the insurance company has denied or underpaid their claim. They had been under the impression that the insurance company was on their side. Instead, they’ve filed a property damage claim and the insurance company seems to be working against them. They want to know why.

Insurance company responses may not make sense. In fire- and smoke-based property damage cases, they may blame the policyholder for being negligent. They’ll claim the policyholder did something unsafe, causing the incident. In these cases, they may need to see extensive evidence from trusted experts, arguing they need this evidence fully understand what really happened and completely absolve you from blame for the damage to your home or business.

Having handled more than 2,000 cases, we know how to put together claims that insurance companies cannot dispute; claims that include the feedback of fire experts and other experts relevant to the case. If the insurance company tries to dispute the information we provide, we’ve got the strength and experience to fight back.

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