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Putting Your Homeowners Insurance Policy to Work

Your home is one of your most valuable assets—if not the most valuable. You’ve worked hard, saved up and diligently made your homeowner’s insurance payments. However, you’ve invested more than just money in your home. You’ve spent time doing repairs, remodeling and making it perfect for you and your family. You’ve made an emotional investment. Given all these investments, you’ve also done the responsible thing by investing in homeowner’s insurance.


But what happens when a property damage claim is denied, delayed, or underpaid? Obviously, you cannot simply accept the insurance company’s unfair treatment. You need to retain an expert property damage lawyer who’ll fight for your rights; who’ll fight for fairness—and win it. You’ll find that attorney at the Pennebaker Law Firm.

A Matter of Documentation

Your homeowner’s insurance claim wasn’t accepted. Guess what? That doesn’t mean your property damage wasn’t covered; neither does it mean your property damage claim isn’t valid. In most cases, the denial or underpayment means your claim wasn’t documented to the insurance company’s satisfaction. Sometimes insurance companies deny or lowball valid claims hoping you’ll just go away! All too often, policyholders walk away with thousands of dollars less than they were entitled to. We encourage you not to.

Douglas E. Pennebaker is a former insurance defense lawyer who has handled more than 2,000 bad faith insurance lawsuits. Under his leadership, we understand exactly what insurance companies look for regarding property damage documentation. Simply stating the cause of damage, the extent of damage and the cost of repair may not be sufficient. Insurance companies may not be willing to take your word for it. They will, however, be more inclined to accept the carefully documented word of trusted experts. We have access to trusted experts, too, and can call them as needed to strengthen your property damage claim, leveling the playing field.

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