Texas Counties Hit Hard by Hurricane Hanna

From McAllen to Corpus Christi and surrounding areas, Hurricane Hanna has left many Texas Gulf Coast residents with significant damage to their homes. Because of the storm's wind and surge, it is estimated these damages will cost millions to repair. Homeowners are now turning to their insurance companies to cover these losses under their homeowners' insurance, but they may not be successful in doing this alone.

For decades, Pennebaker Law has represented residents throughout South Texas with their homeowners' insurance claims. Our expert team uses proven strategies to help our storm damage clients get the best payouts from their insurance company.

Storm Image of Hurricane Hanna

For more up-to-date information please visit the Official NHC NOAA Website:

Getting Paid for Your Hurricane Hanna Insurance Claim

We advise following these steps to ensure the best results from your Hurricane Hanna claim:

Contact Your Insurance Company and File Your Claim

Your insurance company will likely be inundated with claims by other Hurricane Hanna victims looking to get their damages repaired. This means it's imperative to talk to your insurance representative about getting the claim's process started. A filing delay could result in a longer claim's process, or you could miss the filing deadline entirely. 

Document Your Storm Damages

To ensure your insurance company accounts for all damages, we recommend taking photos and documenting your losses. While an insurance adjuster will come to appraise the damage, it's best to gather your own evidence in case there's a dispute on the claim. Consider recording things like:

  • Water Damage or Water Leaks
  • Broken Windows
  • Damaged Fencing
  • Roof Damage (Missing or Broken Shingles)
Storm Damage, Fallen Trees

Mitigate Your Loss

For most homeowners, their policy requires them to mitigate further damages after a loss. This means you'll need to take reasonable steps to protect your home from additional damage, like boarding a broken window. 

Reimbursement for Repairs

If you do any temporary repairs, remember to save the receipts and document your efforts. These documents can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

You've Already Weathered One Storm, Let Pennebaker Law Make Sure You Don't Have to Endure Another

Your insurance company is experienced in handling storm claims, and so are we! Having an expert on your side ensures you won't have to handle difficult insurance adjusters or worry about your claim moving forward. 

Roof Tile Damage Caused by Hail Storm

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