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When a Life Is Lost or Changed Because of an Act of Negligence

At Pennebaker Law, we represent individuals who have suffered life-changing injuries and families who’ve lost loved ones due to acts of negligence. We are focused on cases involving brain injuries that have led to brain damage, spine injuries that have led to paralysis, and other permanent injuries, as well as wrongful death. These are cases that need the attention of a law firm with our level of experience and our commitment to results.

We are focused on personal injury cases that involve gross negligence. Gross negligence is when the person who caused the accident did not merely fail to use the appropriate level of care, but acted with malice or conscious disregard for the wellbeing of others. One of the most common examples of gross negligence is drunk driving. In these cases, victims may be entitled to punitive damages above and beyond the standard compensation.


Prepared to Take on Any Insurance Company

In these cases, we are typically going up against an insurance company, an opponent we’re prepared for thanks to the fact that our founder, Douglas E. Pennebaker, is a former insurance defense lawyer. We know how insurance companies operate. We know how to overcome the tactics they use to avoid paying or to underpay claims. These are cases in which compensation may need to cover a lifetime of medical care, so it’s critical that we take every measure to maximize compensation.

We handle South Texas personal injury and wrongful death cases involving semi-truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, oilfield accidents, and more.

Complex Insurance Issues in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

While these cases tend to involve action against the negligent party’s insurance company, some involve disputes with the victim’s own insurance company. In uninsured and underinsured motorist claims, we frequently need to take on the victim’s own auto insurance company in order to supplement coverage provided by the victim’s insurer, if there is any. This can be a complex and challenging matter, often involving bad faith insurance. We can handle it.

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