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Problem: A broken pipe led to flooding of your home and serious damage. A leak went unnoticed long enough to cause mold damage. A cooler or air conditioner at your business backed up, causing flooding that led to inventory loss. You filed a property-insurance claim only to have it denied or underpaid by the insurer.

Solution: The Pennebaker Law Firm. We handle homeowners insurance disputes and business insurance disputes on a daily basis, fighting for fairness against insurers who practice bad faith insurance with policyholders in South Texas.


Why Was Your Water-Based Property Damage Claim Denied or Underpaid?

When policyholders contact us, they’re often shocked that the insurance company they trusted denied or underpaid a claim. They want to know why, when they paid their premiums as promised, the insurance company would turn them down in a time of need..

In water-based property damage claims, insurance companies often respond by saying that floods are not covered. They’re simply trying to avoid paying the claim because that’s how they thrive. Of course, in reality, water damage caused by broken pipes, leaks and similar issues is not the same as a flood. These types of water damage claims should be covered under the majority of homeowners insurance and business insurance policies.

In more than 20 years of dealing with insurance companies, we’ve learned that they often need a push from an attorney before they’ll do what’s right. Our knowledge of policies allows us to quickly examine your coverage and make it clear to your insurer why the flooding or water damage incident should be covered. We know what supplementary documentation may be necessary to make a strong claim. If the insurance company still insists on denying or underpaying your claim, we’re willing to fight to win the compensation you’re legally entitled to.

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