Damaging Weather in Texas

What’s the most damaging weather in Texas? The answer may surprise you

With one hurricane after another threatening the Gulf Coast, Texas has gotten a great deal of press for its extreme weather in recent years; the massive storms are of such concern that Governor Rick Perry’s official website even includes a designated Hurricane Storm Center, complete with emergency preparedness tips and evacuation maps. But, at least from a financial standpoint, hurricanes are not the most damaging type of weather in Texas – that distinction belongs to the humble hailstorm.

Over the past 12 years, weather has been responsible for more than half of all losses paid by Texas property and casualty insurers, industry regulators say. In 2011, Texas experienced more severe hail storms than any other state, according to the Insurance Journal, costing residents a whopping $1.7 in insured losses.


Since the year 2000, hail has caused more damage in Texas than hurricanes and tornadoes combined. Part of the reason that hail damage is so widespread in Texas is that hailstorms occur in every part of the state, while hurricanes and tornadoes tend to occur only in certain areas.

In order to raise awareness and help cut down on hail damage in the state, the Texas Department of Insurance has declared a “War on Hail.” The campaign is intended to educate Texans about hail risks and encourage them to add hail-resistant updates their homes and business. In late 2012, TDI sponsored the first-ever War on Hail conference to educate members of the Texas insurance industry about hail-related issues. The event featured presentations on topics such as weather patterns, construction and engineering, and risk reduction.

Fighting back against denied insurance claims

Home and business owners in Texas typically carry insurance against damage caused by weather conditions such as hail or high-speed winds. Unfortunately, when these conditions do arise and cause damage, many policyholders have their claims denied by their insurance companies. For people trying to get back on their feet after a storm has damaged their homes or livelihood, having an insurance claim denied can feel like a devastating setback.

The good news, however, is that people have the option of fighting back when an insurance company denies a valid claim, and there are law firms dedicated to helping these individuals get the compensation they deserve. Many of these law firms operate on a contingency basis, which means that they do not charge a fee unless they succeed in securing payment from the insurer.

If you have been denied coverage for an insurance claim that you believe to be valid, contact an experienced insurance dispute lawyer in your area for more information about your rights and legal options.

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